Jaron Ikner’s THE BOND officially on AMAZON PRIME

Arizona’s summer action film “THE BOND” is official out for purchase on Prime Video 🙌 Click now for more details

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Samaritan | Official Trailer

As super hero story’s are on the rise, Sylvester Stallone stars as a low laying, retired older hero who stopped using his powers for “good.” We at the quasar qult LOVE original IP & this looks amazing. I’m stoked to watch this. Click now to check out the trailer ⚡️💪

Augment – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Film director Isaac Joel announces the Amazon Prime release with a new trailer for his upcoming sci-fi project “Augment.” It will be available to stream on May 20th. Click now to watch 👀✨

The Boys | Season 3 Trailer

The new trailer for the upcoming 3rd season of “The Boys” is out! Are you excited to see what kind of wild sh*t they pull off in this season ? Click to watch now 🗣🔥