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  • Kanye West & Adidas Come to Agreements

    Kanye West & Adidas Come to Agreements

    Kanye West and Adidas have reached an agreement to sell $500 million worth of remaining Yeezy sneakers, which will be produced by Adidas. The deal comes after it was announced that adidas may lose over a billion dollars after cutting ties with Kanye. The new deal is expected to bring in around $600 million for…

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  • Drake Announces Retirement ?

    Drake Announces Retirement ?

    I think Drake is going to retire. Drake has been dropping hints about his retirement for a while, and they’ve been getting more and more obvious. In a recent interview with Lil Yachty, Drake talked about making a “graceful exit,” hinting at retirement. After 11 number one albums and 12 number one singles on the…

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  • Sweetest puppy bus ever 🐶

    Sweetest puppy bus ever 🐶

    “I look in the rearview mirror of the bus as I’m driving sometimes. And I see all the dogs back there. And I can’t believe we do this for a living,” Mo Thompson Ever since my husband showed me this dog reel all I want is to binge watch them pick up and drop off…

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  • How much do you make?🤑

    How much do you make?🤑

    How much do you make as compared to others who do your same job? Should you try to negotiate for higher salary? Is there a pay gap between you and your peers? What is the average salary for your job if you were a man? If you switched companies in the same city or moved…

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