What is the Squish in the Squishmallow?

What is the Squish in the Squishmallow?

The company started making Squishmallows in 2017. They found their popularity during the Covid Era. They started in Walgreens by the company KellyToys.

I was just given my first Squishmallow and so only now I have the question: What is in a Squishmallow that gives it the special squish?!

Here’s a fun bit I found on REDDIT of people trying to figure out what was inside of them that makes them unlike other stuffed animals.

Squishmallows are actually made of a mix of spandex and polyester. So, no, it isn’t just polyfill. You are right to think there is a difference. The Ultra-soft spandex provides the rebound of the SQUISH!

Have fun getting your squish on. So far I’ve avoided buying one of the huge ones at Costco, but they’re pretty enticing.


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