Is “The Flash” Good?

Is “The Flash” Good?

Written By Jaron Ikner

In the vast cosmos of superhero cinema, “The Flash” arrives like a shooting star, a dazzling spectacle that reminds us of the thrilling new stories still waiting to be told within familiar landscapes.

The film’s narrative gives us a unique twist: an older Barry Allen mentoring his younger self, a truly creative exploration of the character’s origin story. The seasoned Flash, depicted with immense depth by Ezra Miller, becomes a mentor, a guide, a confidant, and a friend, adding a multi-dimensional complexity to the hero’s journey.

Ezra Miller, embodying Barry Allen/The Flash, delivers a performance that rises above the noise of his past controversies. He dives into the character, allowing the audience to forget the actor and instead become engrossed in the journey of the superhero.

The action sequences, though brimming with CGI, offer an intriguing perspective on the concept of multiverse travel. The DCEU’s depiction of the multiverse is a visual feast, a diorama of timelines that unfurls like an endless ribbon, showing the myriad possibilities of existence. It’s a compelling take on the multiverse, a concept that, though still in its cinematic infancy, is rich with unexplored potential.

However, the film leaves a conspicuous void: the absence of a traditional antagonist. The plot, therefore, lacks a clear climax or resolution, highlighting the importance of a formidable villain in shaping a superhero’s choices and the narrative arc.

Scattered throughout the film are a series of cameos and Easter eggs, a playful nod to the expansive universe of DC Comics. The most memorable of these is the unexpected appearance of Nicholas Cage as Superman, a surprising inclusion that leaves us questioning the absence of other past Supermen and Flashes.

The film reaches its apex with a surprising revelation, a cliffhanger that not only leaves audiences in suspense but also stokes the flames of anticipation for the sequel. This unexpected plot twist, while it may appear to be a nod towards fan service, can indeed seem perplexing to some viewers. However, for ardent supporters of DC’s past cinematic endeavors, this twist resonates deeply and is an unmissable homage to their loyalty.

Despite a few narrative hiccups, “The Flash” dashes to a solid 7.5 out of 10. This film showcases a refreshing approach to superhero storytelling, filled with unexpected turns and a captivating viewing experience. Even amidst the bustling superhero cinematic scene, “The Flash” stands out, a testament to the timeless appeal of imaginative storytelling in the superhero genre.


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