Bert Kreischer: RAZZLE DAZZLE

Bert Kreischer: RAZZLE DAZZLE

So you know how sometimes the routine of work life can get to you and you can feel dead inside?

Well, just watch this and now you’ll have a wheezing problem.

I definitely underestimated how hard I would be laughing at Bert Kreischer’s newest special: Razzle Dazzle.

In his usual shirtless fashion, they have a fun high-tech moment letting the buttons fly. That’s what threw me off the most I think. The rest of the performance was raunchy, bad parenting, and freaking hilarious.

I have seen his other specials, he usually puts one out every 2 years or so since 2016. This one came out March 14th and I just got around to it about a month after. Who cares. Funny trash is timeless and I loved it. You can check them all out on Netflix.

Check it out on Netflix.

So, I could end the article there, but lord knows I’m going to do a couple seconds of Wikipedia and internet searching.

  1. His daughter Georgia graduated from high school in 2022 from Louisville High School.
  2. Bert married his wife LeeAnn in 2003.
  3. His daughters say they don’t find him as funny because they are too close to the jokes.
  4. His daughter Ila has a sensory processing disorder that makes putting on socks, shoes, and underwear difficult.


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