For Homebody Clean Freaks Only

For Homebody Clean Freaks Only

Hi, I’m Jannah and I love to stay home, listen to music, and clean house.

Hi Jannah.

Sure I love the typical HGTV, i.e. every show on there ever, but if you really want to clean here’s the run down.

**Scroll to the bottom for my absolute favorite.**

First, here are 7 shows for Clean Freaks. It’s a best-of for Netflix. Of course I’ve seen them all. These are tried and true!

“Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” – This Netflix series features Marie Kondo, a renowned tidying expert who helps people declutter their homes and transform their lives through the KonMari method… of course watch her other show “Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo”

“Hoarders” – This A&E series explores the lives of people who struggle with compulsive hoarding and the professionals who help them overcome their disorder.

“Tiny House Nation” – This series follows families as they downsize and build their dream tiny homes. It’s a great show for anyone interested in minimalism and simple living.

“Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things” – This Netflix documentary explores the benefits of living with less and features interviews with leading minimalists.

“The Home Edit” – This Netflix series features Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, professional organizers who help celebrities and regular people transform their cluttered spaces into organized, functional, and beautiful homes.

“Get Organized with The Home Edit” – Another Netflix series with Clea and Joanna, this show follows the duo as they help people organize specific areas of their homes, from pantries to garages to closets.

A cleaning marathon on Youtube is key to cleaning and not having to stop your groove because a video finished. Youtubers take their cleaning videos and compile a bunch of them so you can get 3 hours of solid cleaning done. They talk to you and go through the grossest stuff right along side of your own home. It’s always great if they have a really bad home because then you don’t feel so bad about your own situation and the dust or whatever that’s collected. Ultimate schmutz.

So, yes, you could just search cleaning marathon and get a bunch, but you won’t get the best.

Jessica Tull is pretty, talks sweetly to you, and has amazing taste in background music for you to clean to. Other cleaners will give you generic. She I enjoy. Do I actually use the cleaning products she does? Nope. I’m much more vinegar on everything, but she’s great.

If that’s too much time to commit Bubbles and Buckets has the best shorts.


Go to Youtube and watch this show where people with OCD clean for those who can’t for themselves. Heartwarming, hilarious, and British. Oh yes the Brits.



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