Sex Therapists: Brenden Durell

Sex Therapists: Brenden Durell

If you like talking all things healing and sexual here we go!

I love watching the different therapists in the reality TV show Too Hot to Handle as they dive into the good stuff with contestants. Honestly, it was the psychology of it all that got me watching and hooked. This is part 1 of a series of sex therapists I will be diving into.

Scroll to the bottom to see his age and some other stats.

Brenden Durell (website hyperlinked): He is an intimacy expert on Too Hot to Handle where he specializes in 2 main areas. 1) Men’s Health 2) Tantra and Breathwork. Men’s Health means that in the show he would take all the men aside for a workshop and help them ground themselves and become the healed warrior with a purpose he knows they can be.

I love how he gets men to yell into the wind in a way that feels meaningful. There is a post about him on Reddit that said he was the best part of the show Too Hot to Handle, but the comments that followed were hilarious. Others mentioned how he was essentially a guy wearing jedi robes and asked other men to grab their own genitals. Obviously, to me this makes sense because you connect to what you touch, in this case their genitals.

The men on the show were chosen because essentially they have been using their body while lacking spirituality and emotional connection, so this is why you must connect to your own body by touch. As far as the jedi robes, loose clothes leave more room for energy to flow with spiritual people, it seems. The comments made me laugh, but I am such a fan of his authenticity that it makes no difference to my opinion.

If you’d like to enjoy a free meditation with him right now here you go! Click on that link and he will guide you into relaxing past your anxiety. You will get a feel for his energy and voice.

Coming up for Mr. Durell is a week-long experience he is offering called REWILDING THE MAN. 11 Men, 7 Days, 1 Purpose. If I were a dude I would absolutely go! Pick your price Brenden, you are magic with the emotions! Click the hyperlinked words to see where they will be going in the Amazon Jungle to rekindle their connection with nature and manliness.

If you watch the show Too Hot to Handle you understand how he looks to rekindle this connection and release to our unbridled side as he gets contestants to yell to the wind.

I’m not a therapist just someone who loves psychology a whole bunch. I have a Masters in Educational Psychology and some other stuff. If you want a podcast with him I’d recommend this episode. Just ignore the ego of Adam Roa a bit haha

Jump into a moment of peace and reclaiming a better inner self with him. Your sexuality matters, your mindset matters, your breathwork is the key to balancing all that.

Birthplace: Redbank, New Jersey

Age: 35

Birthday: August 16, 1967

Occupation: Mentor, Speaker, TV personality


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