Love on the Spectrum

Love on the Spectrum

What a beautiful show. This is the most wholesome reality show I’ve ever seen. They don’t work to cover up flaws like so many shows, so while I don’t share their diagnosis of being on the spectrum, I certainly share the rawness of which they openly express their goals. The frankness of the loneliness someone can feel while alone and so forth is almost cathartic.

I know it came out in 2022, but I only just watched it, and man am I glad I did.

There was a woman who helped teach some dating skills and she was wonderful. I remember back in my student-teaching I worked with students on the spectrum on dating skills. My attempts to teach dating skills were sweet, but hers are outstanding.

Steve is a 63 year old man in the show and I want to adopt him as a second father. I am in love with his intentionalism. He makes me want to affirm others more in a positive way. I can be so direct sometimes that it can almost appear harsh. He confirms other’s thoughts with such ease that I literally tear up hearing him. I literally think I need to just wake up and hear him each day. I literally think I will show him to my father and we can tear up with feelings of authentic humanness.

Dani in the next clip is such a go getter. It is great seeing her try to navigate wanting standards of work ethic from a partner as she claims the title of gold-digger. You laugh with her as she blurts out she loves a boy soon after meeting him, then wondering is she scared away her partner.

Subodh is amazing when you get a sneak peak into his math skills as he calculates. The cameraman asks him what day of the week random dates were and he knew those too! I love when he gets excited because he overly exaggerates his head bob and says yesssss.

Genuine couples trying it out and being open to failing. In a world where so many people dread the dating experience they show you how to just be happy for that date again. Companionship in any form. I hope they all win!



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