John Wick 4 | Spoiler Review

John Wick 4 | Spoiler Review

Written by Joey Rodriguez aka. (voodooeyes)

The John Wick franchise has been an action-packed journey that fans have been eagerly anticipating. This series stars Keanu Reeves as John Wick, a retired hitman who returns to the criminal underworld after his wife’s death. The first three films established the series’ intense, kinetic style and introduced a strict code of honor that assassins in John Wick’s world must follow.

The fourth and final installment of the series is the best yet, and it’s a testament to the efforts of the entire team involved. The fight choreography, cinematography, casting, and every other aspect of the film are on point. The John Wick franchise is known for its thrilling action sequences and sleek visual style, and this movie delivers on both fronts. From a motorcycle chase through the streets of New York City to a showdown in a hall of mirrors, the films are filled with memorable moments that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

Keanu Reeves delivers another powerhouse performance as John Wick, with a stoic intensity and physical prowess that make him a force to be reckoned with. I respect how much Keanu has put into the character. It shines so much through the three hours of Mayhem. The supporting cast, including Ian McShane, Laurence Fishburne, and Hiroyuki Sanada, a Japanese cinema legend, adds another layer of intrigue to the film. Bringing depth and nuance to their roles.

This movie adds some of the best villains to the franchise played by Donnie Yen, Marko Zaror, Scott Adkins, and Bill Skarsgard. Donnie Yen is a legendary action star from Hong Kong, known for his mastery of martial arts and intricate fight choreography. Marko Zaror, a Chilean martial artist, actor, and fight choreographer, brings his own unique style to the film. Scott Adkins, a British actor and martial artist, is known for his impressive performances in underground action movies. The fight choreography is nothing short of spectacular. Every fight sequence is meticulously crafted, with precise movements and intricate stunts that will leave audiences in awe.

While John Wick’s ability to survive seemingly impossible situations is undoubtedly impressive, it’s not hard to see why some viewers might find it a bit ridiculous. After all, how many times can a person fall off a rooftop or get shot at before they start to sustain serious injuries? It’s a testament to the filmmakers’ dedication to creating an over-the-top, adrenaline-fueled experience that they’re able to pull off these incredible stunts without completely breaking the laws of physics. But at the same time, it’s understandable if some viewers are left scratching their heads and wondering how John Wick manages to emerge unscathed from situations that would leave most people in the hospital.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of suspension of disbelief. After all, we don’t watch action movies for their realism or accuracy. We watch them to be entertained, to see larger-than-life characters doing things that we could never imagine ourselves doing. And in that sense, John Wick certainly delivers. His ability to take on armies of heavily armed henchmen, fall off buildings, and still come out on top is undeniably impressive. It’s a testament to his training, his determination, and his sheer force of will. So while it might be a bit annoying to see John Wick defy the laws of physics time and time again, it’s also what makes him such an enduring and beloved character. We root for him because he represents the ultimate underdog, the one man who can take on the world and emerge victorious. And in a world that can often seem dark and hopeless, that’s a message that we can all get behind.

One aspect of the John Wick franchise that fans can’t get enough of is the incredible fight choreography. From intense gun battles to bone-crunching hand-to-hand combat, the films are a masterclass in action filmmaking. And with John Wick 4 on the horizon, fans are eagerly anticipating even more thrilling fight scenes. What sets the fight choreography in John Wick apart from other action movies is the level of detail and precision that goes into every move. The filmmakers work closely with the actors and stunt performers to create sequences that are both visually stunning and narratively compelling. Every punch, kick, and gunshot is meticulously choreographed to ensure maximum impact.

And it’s not just the fight scenes themselves that are impressive. The films also make great use of creative camera angles and editing techniques to heighten the tension and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. In total, the John Wick films have racked up over 450 kills in their three-hour runtime. That’s a staggering number, and a testament to the filmmakers’ dedication to creating a world that is both brutal and beautiful. With John Wick 4 promising to up the ante even further, fans can expect even more jaw-dropping fight scenes and mind-blowing action.

In conclusion, John Wick 4 is a fitting finale to the franchise, with exceptional performances from the cast and jaw-dropping fight choreography that is sure to impress action movie fans. With each installment building on the mythology and introducing new villains and allies, this is a franchise that action movie fans should not miss. Keanu Reeves is as impressive as ever, but the new additions to the cast bring a fresh perspective to the film. Donnie Yen, Marko Zaror, Scott Adkins, and Hiroyuki Sanada are all action veterans, and their expertise shines through in every fight sequence. The John Wick franchise has truly set the bar for action cinema. The fourth installment is a worthy finale to the series, and I applaud the entire team for their amazing efforts and contribution to action cinema. I give this latest John Wick, a 9/10. This movie would have had a perfect 10 if John didn’t fall 3-4 times off of 30-50ft drops without breaking a bone. Other than that, I love it.

Have you seen John Wick 4 ? Tell me your thoughts. Did you love it ? Hate it ? Check it out for yourself & share your thoughts.



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