Why Is Miguel’s “Sure Thing” Trending Again?!

Why Is Miguel’s “Sure Thing” Trending Again?!

Every station has been playing this 13 year old song. WHY ?! The answer may not be that shocking, but apparently Miguel’s 2011 release “Sure Thing” has been playing all over the air ways & it’s because of TIK TOK. That’s right.

“Sure Thing” skyrockets in the UK due to all of the Tiktok videos being created using the song. What’s funny is that Lil Wayne’s remix to this track played a big role in the success of this song as well. Lil Wayne dropped a mixtape titled “Sorry for the Wait” back when the track was released & every time I hear it on the radio I immediately think of that remix.

Miguel actually spoke on the resurgence of the single after finishing his soon to be released album & said “I’m just really excited to have new fans that are going to discover me in the midst of it,” he said. “I think it’s an opportunity for people to, hopefully for anyone who likes that song specifically, just get into the journey of it. I think there’s something dope about that, that we don’t really get to do, especially because my career started as social media began as well.”

This just goes to show you how powerful social media is when it comes to trends & people making songs generate buzz off of said, trends. We have already seen it with Kate Bush’s 36 year old single “Running Up That Hill.” The possibilities are endless.



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