American Standards – The Vagrant | New Music

American Standards – The Vagrant | New Music

We know you need an energy burst and American Standards just put out a new track called ‘The Vagrant’ to help you out. They are Arizona’s underground hardcore punk band. Here is their fan link!

The song was premiered by Punk News and is out now for you to hear!

This release is part of a series of singles. The EP DOPAMINE DEALER is out now via Manic Kat Records. Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Bandcamp.

Brandon Kellum, singer of American Standards said:

“A lot of artists are either “DIY till you die” or actively chasing mainstream success. American Standards is neither. We’re looking to be a bridge that welcomes people the the underground, not acts as gatekeepers to it..”

They are volatile, hardcore, aggressive, and energetic. Trust me when I say I will be updating our Quasar Qult Spotify playlist to include them. Arizona is powerful!



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