Late Nights, Monsters, and Tight Budget

Late Nights, Monsters, and Tight Budget

We’ve shared It’s Just Al before with the blue roses, but now they’re white! haha I spoke with AI himself and apparently his name comes from an old nickname Big AL. At 17 he has been at work making beats since his sophomore year. In a world of artificially generated music he takes the time to put loops and sounds together himself.

The titles of the songs are in the order in which they were made. For example, the song Eight and eight is his 88th made song, 1/4 of 100 is his 125th beat, as well as 14+100 was his 114th beat.

It all feels very experimental and I think that’s the intrigue in following his journey.

The title caught my attention most of all: Late Nights, Monsters, and a Tight Budget. Playful. Montano sticks to the rose theme for cover art.

If you are looking for a vocal track I would recommend going to track 9. You’ll hear lyrics from rappers Tragedy602 and 40 Flow. Tragedy is a great rapper if you wanted to check him out further too.

My favorite of the tracks without lyrics is the last one. Check out “Last minute adjustments”.

If you look for him type It’s Just AL. I say this to help others out where I faltered. Almost wish the L was capitalized haha.



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