Epic Norlan | Peep Game (Ft. Zee*) (Review)

Epic Norlan | Peep Game (Ft. Zee*) (Review)

When it comes to the hip-hop scene in Tucson, Arizona, one name that might not immediately come to mind is Epic Norlan. Despite his consistent delivery of exceptional music, he has been overlooked and slept on for far too long. However, with his latest single “Peep Game,” featuring Zee*, Epic Norlan is making a statement and showing the world just how talented he truly is.

“Peep Game” showcases Epic Norlan’s growth and progression as a musician. Produced by Emjay and Arkay, the track carries an aggressive edge that is reminiscent of street music, but it also showcases the introspective side of the rapper. The two artists trade bars and describe their journeys in the music industry, creating a captivating and introspective listening experience.

The accompanying video for “Peep Game” was shot by Newly Generated Films and Vision That Ent, and it adds another level of depth to the song. The video tells the story of Epic Norlan being tied up in a shed and eventually being saved by Zee*. This is juxtaposed with the duo rapping in various locations throughout Tucson, showcasing the city and the pride they have for their roots. The video acts as a solid point of interest and is a jump-off for Epic Norlan’s upcoming album, The Epic God 3.

In terms of production value, the video is decent. The visuals work well with the song and the story is well-executed, making for a solid viewing experience. The video also serves as a testament to the collaboration and chemistry between Epic Norlan and Zee*. Their energetic and confident delivery on the track is matched by their presence on screen.

Overall, “Peep Game” is a standout track that deserves the attention of anyone who appreciates quality hip-hop music. Epic Norlan’s growth and progression as a musician is evident, and he shows no signs of slowing down. The upcoming album, The Epic God 3, is something that deserves a spin or two and we are excited to see what’s next for Epic Norlan.


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