Sweetest puppy bus ever 🐶

Sweetest puppy bus ever 🐶

“I look in the rearview mirror of the bus as I’m driving sometimes. And I see all the dogs back there. And I can’t believe we do this for a living,”

Mo Thompson

Ever since my husband showed me this dog reel all I want is to binge watch them pick up and drop off the dogs each day. I’d wonder to myself, are they going to doggy day care? Do they go to obedience school together? I think they are plenty obedient. Do they go on field trips? I would want to watch this group of dogs go on a field trip.

After a few days, I realized, but wait… I have the internet! So I found the original video, looked into the company, and can show you where they go now! So essentially I figured out how to get paid to watch, write, and talk about dog videos.

Here’s the original video. It’s quick.

Their Tik Tok of this has over 9M likes.

The company is called Mo Mountain Mutts and they will pick your dog up on the “puppy bus” and go for adventures as a dog-walking business in Skagway, Alaska.

How many dogs does the bus hold at once?


Who runs this business?

Lee and Mo Thompson of Skagway, Alaska.

Why did they start posting?

They wanted to share videos with the dog owners.

How do they get all the dogs to behave on the bus?

The dogs are seated by personality, age, and other factors. For example, licking pups are all sat next to each other. Watch this video for her sweetest explanation ever.

Now they are offering calendars if you want on their website.



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