Soft Opening at Star Camp Creative Labs

Soft Opening at Star Camp Creative Labs

Friday night I went to the underground rap show at Star Camp Creative Labs in Phoenix, AZ. For the price of a ticket you can get food, drink, and smoke sponsored by Yam Yams. For me, I was there for the food (from a local spot, Chang’s) and was so happy there were some comfy chair options. Seating, games, video games, and food made it different from other warehouse shows. It’s the type of place I’d like to just hang out at. My ultimate favorite part was that all bar tips went to a non profit!

The rapper line up felt cohesive. There was saxy rap, r&b, pop singing, rap, and was really great. Everyone was vibing. Check this post out for who was included.

Here’s my effort at summarizing the night in a video for you.

I can see myself going again, for sure.



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