I’m scared to listen to… Quiet Part Loud

I’m scared to listen to… Quiet Part Loud

Quiet Part Loud is a free 12-part original audio series with executive producer Jordan Peele. This audio series is from Monkeypaw Productions. It sounds like it focuses on the power of voice. The main character is Rick Egan (Tracy Letts) who is a disgraced radio host. Rick had unfairly connected the disappearance of 3 Muslim boys in the wake of 9/11. The twist, because with Peele there is always a twist, is that this is not any ordinary hate crime, but Rick has to face an ancient American evil.

Someone please tell me if you’ve checked out this and how scary it get. I’m so jumpy.

Episodes are only about 20 min. each so you can binge all 12 episodes now.



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