Unknown Rappers that are Good pt. 2

Unknown Rappers that are Good pt. 2

These rappers are in my category of unknown rappers you should listen to. Some are more well-known and some less. I’ll tell you their subscriber count, their background, who they are signed to, and their overall vibe. I recommend getting on board with these rappers. They are a lot of fun and a welcome switch up to my playlist algorithm.

BabyTron– YT music: 196k subscribed Born in 2000 and from Detroit, MI he is a mix of trap and hip-hop. He is signed to The Hip Hop Lab and EMPIRE. He’s pretty darn fun. Don’t believe me? Start with the song “Rage Quit” or “Silly Me” and try not to bob your head. Those songs are from his most recent album Bin Reaper 3: Old Testament. He’s upbeat and is always ready to help you push harder through your day. You can sit back and listen to his words.

Bladee– YT music: 19.9k subscribed. The Swedish rapper born in 94’ is a member of the Drain Gang and raps through so many genres of music. His music is experimental, with layered sounds, and his voice is extremely autotuned. He literally has a clothing line called Sad Boys Gear, which I thought was kinda funny. You need to be in a mood for the sad ethereal stuff to listen to Bladee, but if you’re there have fun with his beat. The textures of everything make it so fun to listen to. Listen to “Obedient” for texture, “Velociraptor” for a faster piece, or the popular “She’s Always Dancing” for a real sad boy moment.

Yung Lean– YT music: 1.03M subscribed from the same record label as Bladee Year0001 comes Yung Lean. He is another Swedish rapper who was born in 96’. He is known to be the one to popularize SoundCloud rap. If you’ve heard one song from him it is probably “Ginseng Strip 2002.” I can’t seem to help getting introspective druggy trip vibes from “Agony.” If you want more upbeat go to “Trip.” He’s more popular I know, but he’s so trippy and fun. I had to share.

Meechy Darko– YT music: 25.3k subscribed he is from Flatbush Zombies 888k subscribed or Beast Coast. If you’ve heard him at all you’re struck by his incredibly low and scratchy voice. He was born in 89’ and is from NY, NY. He’s gritty, grimy, and irresistible. His first solo album Gothic Luxury came out in August of 2022 and is amazing. Once I heard it I felt a sense of relief that music like this even was being made. The executive producer was Dot Da Genius and obviously, I need to know more about him. Meechy is honest as heeeeeck. Start with “LAVI$H HABITS (Gothika)” and then come talk to me. He’s so honest with himself and I’m addicted to it. I saw him live as part of Flatbush Zombies and would love to see him again. You have got to listen to “Lost Souls (feat. Denzel Curry & Busta Rhymes)” and try not to feel something. His rap literally sounds like a release of crying.

bLAck pARty– YT music: 58.3k subscribed before I get into anything I am never going to get tired of his song “Dancing.”  If my husband didn’t have another song in mind for the last dance of our wedding I would have chosen this one. Vibey, intriguing, upbeat, and fun. He’s got a new album called “Hummingbird” out this year which is more of the same good stuff. Sexy album cover haha. I’m not going to direct you to a particular song on it because things switch up for each track as he gets a lot of cool people, including SABA, to feature. He is R&B and Soul, from Arkansas, and was born in 92’. Signed to Wolf & Rothstein and RCA Records.



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