Tobe Nwigwe Album Rollout Continues

Tobe Nwigwe Album Rollout Continues

First, Tobe Nwigwe put out the EP version of moMINTs. We covered this… check out the Youtube video below.

Next, the full album for moMINTs dropped. Sure, this is typical. Excellent work. You should check it out if you haven’t.

What is cool is that since then a new version of the same album came out. They call it moMINTs [AT THE CRIB VERSION}. It is just a piano, voices, and vibes. Here is what we mean.

They rule with the hashtag #gettwistedsundays where every Sunday they always drop something. I say they because if you know anything about Tobe is that he is a family man. His music videos always include his kids and his wife. His wife, Fat, is a great rapper and you’ll hear her on the album as well.

Follow the hashtag. Add him on Instagram and pick up some mint green clothes and clean white socks.



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