O.D. Music with Gas

O.D. Music with Gas

New Music drop from underground rappers O.D. Music called “Hellcats and Bentaygas (feat. Nuggz)”. It’s short but you’ll hit replay. The music video really starts up at 40 sec mark. Follow them on its.o.d and _.nuggz._on Instagram. They come from T(Town) aka Tucson, AZ.

They’re ready for winter and will tell you to wear a coat when ”my heart real cold.” Or will show you how to get rid of sniffles. I need some of their tissuesđŸ€§đŸ€§đŸ€§. Edits in the video are fun with the sweeping colors as the cars race. Could you decide between the two cars? Hellcat or Bentayga is the question.



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