Unknown Rappers that are Good pt. 1

Unknown Rappers that are Good pt. 1

These rappers are from low to mid-popularity. They are friends to my ears. Some were recommended to me and others I discovered or YT music showed me. If your playlist needs a revival try adding some of these to your algorithm.

Destroy Lonely– YT music: Was 68.5k subscribed now 76.7k since his most recent album. He’s from Atlanta and was born in 2001. His album NO STYLIST got him a lot of followers, but his most recent album “NS+ (ULTRA)” has been doing well too. Signed to Interscope and OPIUM. He is making a name for himself that doesn’t lean on the fact that his dad is I-20 and was signed to Ludacris’ label Disturbing tha Peace. His style is hip-hop and trap. He can pick a beat. “SOARIN” is deep but with electronic overlay and trap undertones. The song “NOSTYLIST” is such a great song though. Start there and build with him.

Izaya Tiji– (pronounced tee-gee). YT music 9.86k subscribed. Mumbly, ethereal, and full of emotion, but don’t come for the hard bars because you won’t be able to understand some songs like that. It won’t matter though because he chooses good beats that do what they need to do. He’s dark, somber, from Dayton Ohio, and was born at the end of 2001. His most recent album is WASP which dropped in October of this year, 2022. He’s a SoundCloud rapper whose label is New 11 and Izaya.

Ken Carson or Ken Car$on- YT music: 122k subscribed born in 2000 and from Atlanta, he plays around with the pockets in the beats. Signed to Interscope. He knows when he’s really in sync with it and it gets exciting. His voice is heavily altered, but often the beat is very electronic so it matches. His track “MDMA” with Destroy Lonely is awesome. I highly recommend listening to his stuff at night while driving. Try not to speed.

Autumn!– YT music 124k subscribed. No mumble here. Signed to Republic Records and Casablanca. He’s much more melodic with his rap. Born in 1998 in Louisiana. He started as a producer first and then popularized the subgenre PluggnB. This means he uses higher-pitched percussion and softer more melodic beats, and it sounds like an RnB take on Trap music. Start with “Portrayal!” Or “Jey N Bey!” And go from there. You won’t leave too sad with his stuff because there is always a melody to pull you through.

Rich Brian– YT music: 2.31 M subscribed ok ok. I know that’s a lot of followers, but he is so good that I wanted to know if you were listening to him yet. Indonesian and born in 1999 he is signed to 88rising, Warner Bros, and EMPIRE. Seriously, no matter my mood he’s great. His creativity is ridiculous. I’m going to mention someone you might remember from a long time ago… Rich Chigga- “Dat $tick”… yeah that’s him. His videos are absolutely nuts. Once you’ve softened your pallet with “Drive Safe” you should watch his video “Love in my Pocket”. I know the rap almost took a pop turn there, but he’s fun and that’s how goes.



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