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Premo Rice Review: Checkin Chicken

New EP review

Premo Rice is that chill rap. If you combine funk, soul, and hip hop you have the Prince Georges’ County, Maryland, Mr. Rice, the Bishop, himself. He has been active for a while and always knew his sound was more relaxed. His new EP “Checkin Chicken” is enjoyable all the way through and cohesive in sound.

HHpt.2: Huh-Huh can you dig it (so fun!). A favorite from some of you who we’ve spoken to as well.

Church’s Anthem: we learn he is a Crip but doesn’t have ‘smoke’ with others. He tries to spread money and business opportunities through his family. He loves his grandma and the church, and I love the classic call and response of the chorus. He’s got a video out of this track where he is the pastor and all the ladies are hot for him, then book stripper bedroom scene haha.

Two12’s (feat. Curren$y): The title refers to a really loud set of car speakers. It let’s you know that this song is meant to drive to for sure. Curren$y gives a verse that fits the vibe.

You Heard (feat. Kris Hollis): Rice mentions that he has a nice new pair of blue gator shoes which sound gorgeous. Kris Hollis sings a sweet chorus over the beat, but I feel like it could have been even better if the beat reflected a switch into the chorus somehow too. It eventually pulls back right before the song ends, but I feel if Hollis was given a sweeter rendition of the beat to match his voice this song could have been even better.

The Best Out (feat. King Joe): Premo Rice quickly mentions how he ‘moves bitches out in Az’ so yay shout out! And that is where the EP ends. It set you up nicely to want to listen to Larry June (who he’s worked with a few times before) and take Sunday nap right after listening. King Joe is definitely the best part of this song. He has a lot of fun with his rhythm.

He’s on tour around the country right now as this comes out. Overall, I’d give this EP a 8/10. Nothing mind blowing in the beats or content but definitely liked listening to this a number of times. I’m a fan now. Best song would be The Best Out for King Joe’s feature or Church’s Anthem. There is no worst song, but I wish You Heard tweaked its beat more for Hollis.

If you like him, I recommend the new Jay Worthy & DJ Muggs album- What They Hittin 4.


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