Cordae’s Two New Singles Hint A Big Change

Cordae’s Two New Singles Hint A Big Change

By Jannah Rose

Cordae recently dropped 2 new singles and they seem to all hint at a big change for him. I saw him on tour after The Lost Boy came out and he was just as good as he is on that album. Killed it, personal with the audience. I got to enjoy it at a small 1 room venue too. Got the softest sweatshirt to prove it.

For 3 years (since 2019) he has been with Naomi Osaka. They originally met at a Clippers game. Yes, I’m so sports-daft that had to look up the team’s location, L.A. Both are transplants to L.A. from North Carolina/Maryland and Japan. Though fairly reclusive as a couple, they seem to be inseparable and super supportive of each other’s careers. He’s supported her at tennis matches and she’s tweeted support for his music. They are both 24 and have been a really sweet couple to watch even though they aren’t very public.

Aaaand that’s why these 2 new tracks are even more interesting because there are recent rumors of them breaking up. In the last couple of days, she’s posted a tweet, deleted it, and then squashed a rumor about them having broken up. I don’t know though. The tweet is pretty cryptic, but said “If a guy constantly has to tell you he’s a good guy, there’s about a 1000% chance he’s not.”  This sounds a little too personal to me. There are too many song clues not to pique my interest. I am just going to try to figure out if Cordae is talking about Osaka, someone from his past, or a creative story.

Unacceptable: He mentions driving around with a girl who loves SZA. Then said “Girl, you know I love you, you don’t need a ring. Swear that shit just come with all type of things.” Obviously, even though the two are serious he shows that after 3 years together he just isn’t in a place where marriage feels like an option yet. I get that. They’re both young, individually rich, in the spotlight, and majorly motivated towards goals. What’s interesting is when he says, “I thought my last one was a ride or die.” That line right there makes me think he’s talking about Naomi and him.

Stepping away from his dating life for a moment. I just want to send some love out there to those who struggle with addiction and depression. It sounds like Cordae is facing a lot of that. He says that he’s popping pills now to cope. He vulnerably mentions that he even tried to take his own life. It sounds like he’s moved now so he is further from the chaos in Hollywood. In the song, he says he lives in the Hills instead.

Back to the clues perhaps the ride or die girl he mentions having had is the relationship he had in 9th grade. He says he was going to be a father, but his mother decided not to keep it and it left a hole in his heart ever since. Finally, he states that he just has to “speak his truth, perfect or not”

So With That: He talks about a girl he has been with since before he was rapping full time “while I was workin’ and cookin’ them pies.” Are these possibly pizza pies? He mentions how he has cheated in the past all the while borrowing money from this woman and driving her car (a Hyundai Sonata) around. It sounds like the girl felt a bit insecure, and rightly so because she wanted his Instagram password.


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