Ashli Phoenix – XVII | New Album

Ashli Phoenix – XVII | New Album

Ashli Phoenix’s new 7 track album, “XVII,” is out now!

With this album, Ashli has shown that she is a powerhouse of a vocalist and songwriter with a unique vision. Her music being pop/trap infused, has been described as dark, edgy and moody. The songs on this album are no different, but they also show an evolution in her style and sound. Her music is still dark and edgy, but it is also sexy, fun and full of energy. Ashli’s vocals on this album are some of her best yet. She shows off her ability to transition from a delicate whisper to a powerful belt effortlessly throughout the album. Throughout “XVII,” she demonstrates that she can sing. These seven tracks on it, are great in their own way & are vastly different in topic and sound. The album is amazing & is available now on all platforms ! ✨



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