True Story | Review (NO SPOILERS)

True Story | Review (NO SPOILERS)

Written by Joey Rodriguez

When you think of Kevin Hart, I know the first thought that comes to mind is a memorable joke from one of his many successful stand-ups. Wesley Snipes, being the acting legend he is, you never know what he will bring to the table. In this series, The dynamic between the two megastars is very special. Kevin Hart & Wesley Snipes star alongside as brothers in Netflix’s new show “True Story,” a high-quality piece of drama/suspense carried by Kevin’s intense performance as “Kid,” a recently successful comedian/actor whose brother (snipes) lands him in a circle of deceit.

This 7 episode series starts off at the peak of Kid’s fame. ‘Kid’ arrives in his hometown to do a press run for a new superhero movie in which he stars with Chris Hemsworth, is about to break a billion dollars in box office sales. Going through a divorce, dealing with fame & being 6 months sober, the need to keep his head in the game is apparent. Having a great team to keep him on track knowing there are a lot of eyes directed his way, his sneaky brother ‘Carlton’ (snipes) who Kid has helped many time in the past, is on a mission to disrupt that path. Pressured into having a drink to celebrate, he ends up blacking out & a very unfortunate event causes Kid to make a tough, but stupid decision. This decision leads to a series of unexpected obstacles that only make the hole he is already in, MUCH DEEPER.

After the ending of the first episode, I was instantly hooked. I NEEDED to see how the story for this character played out. The emotion Kevin portrayed in his role had me feeling what he felt throughout the entire show. This takes 1st place for my favorite roles from this man, following 2017’s “The Upside.” I appreciate the fact Kevin is taking the time to pick roles that diversify his portfolio. Wesley Snipes did amazing as always, making this role the first to make me want to truly hop through the screen & fight his character, which means he did his job exceptionally lol. Billy Zane, Theo Rossi, & Paul Adlestein’s supporting roles provide the right amount of balance for the chaos that ensued. What I enjoyed from this series was that both ‘Kid & Carlton’ are put in positions to make choices to save their own asses based on a twist you won’t see coming. Choices that ultimately lead to the innocent being hurt.

Overall, I’d give this series a B+. Although I did very much enjoy the show, a certain character who could’ve done more was made to seem useless at the end. This character goes as far as acting on the selfish ways the show circles it’s premise around, when this character claims to always have Kid’s back. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Other than that, it is a great show with lots of turns that leave you anxious for what the next move will be, & a wild twist at the end. I highly recommend binge watching this as soon as humanly possible. ✨

True Story, A Netflix Original Starring Kevin Hart & Wesley Snipes. Available to stream on Netflix now.



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