Dela Preme’s STAY BUSY Brings The Skiggity

Dela Preme’s STAY BUSY Brings The Skiggity

Dela Preme’s STAY BUSY Brings The Skiggity

Legendary Arizona-based artist, Dela Preme, has released his, highly-anticipated, sophomore album, Stay Busy, to the masses. Dela’s newest effort acts as a testimony to the years of hard work and effort he has put into his career. Based on his own personal mantra “Stay Busy, Don’t Play Busy,” Stay Busy combines motivation music with street tales.  Dela Preme is known for his energetic music, unique gravelly voice, and electrifying stage performances, with that in mind, Stay Busy, acts as the user manual for the adventures Dela navigates his rise in the hip hop industry while stationed out of Glendale, Arizona. Dela Preme’s longtime collaborator, Jon Sullivan of Sullivan Audio, provided the final mix and master for the project. 

Dela Preme’s main focus for Stay Busy is to showcase the up-and-coming Glendale music scene. The 12 track project comes with 9 features, including appearances from Lamar Cushin, LRTK, Emmitt Dupree, Jonny Ka$h and more. Dela Preme weaves his tales of his come up in the streets of Glendale with hard-hitting, trap-tinged instrumentals provided by BrianTheLowlife, TwntyBeatz, Pedrotripping, AlexSalas, and Spitcasso. Songs like “Pesticide” and “No Style Ninja” find Preme going solo as he coasts over wavy production with his menacing yet entrancing vocals while a remix of his popular track, “Get A Life”, features new vocals from Glendale legend, G-Moe. The intro track, titled after the album, features Suburban Noize artist, Salty Brasi as he delivers some words for the listeners pressing play on the album. 

Striving to achieve the goal of becoming a “household name,” Dela Preme intends on helping shine a much-needed light on the, often overlooked, Arizona Hip Hop community. Preme’s strategy goes beyond just creating good music but also by providing a blueprint for other independent artists to follow. Not limited to just creating music, Preme has found multiple ways to monetize his talents: whether it’s through putting together his own events or selling out the drop of his clothing line. Through his natural leadership talents, Dela Preme is already beloved by many for his unique mindset and memorable, lasting impact, and consistent and ever-increasing quality. This sets him apart from others looking to follow in his path, placing him in a category that many strive to be in. 

With his camp, Full Speed Family, building in popularity and progress, Dela Preme will only continue to grow to become one of the most important artists out of Arizona, as he not only continues to release more music but also support new artists for the world to hear. Follow Dela Preme and his journey at 

IG: @Skrrrtisblow  

Twitter: @DeLa_Preme 

FB DeLa Preme

Stream STAY BUSY at


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